body fortress whey protein review

Body Fortress Whey Protein Review

If you have spent any time in the weight room, you have probably heard your fair share of people recommending certain protein powders. It is the go-to conversation for those interested in not only changing up their diet, but also adding as much muscle as they can.

I would say at least once a week, while I am training, someone asks me if I have ever tried a certain kind of protein. Although I only half-listen to what they are saying, you can bet that if someone I respect recommends a protein powder, I will get around trying it in the near future. 

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How Often Do Bodybuilders Workout? A Simple Answer

How Often Do Bodybuilders Workout?

If you are asking this question, odds are you are not a bodybuilder. But it’s still a great question to ask if you are trying to build muscle. After all, bodybuilders have mastered the craft of building the most amount of muscle in the least amount of time. Thus, if you want to optimize the amount of muscle you build, you should follow everything a bodybuilder does. Right?

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How to Start Going to the Gym Alone Full Guide

How to Start Going to the Gym Alone

Heading to the gym is an important part of getting healthy and fit. Sure, you can workout at home, but most people need the gym since it has all the weights and equipment you could ever need. However, that doesn’t mean going to the gym is easy. Working out alone at the gym can be intimidating! In fact, you may be downright scared to go to the gym alone. If you need help overcoming gym anxiety, here are five tips for how to start going to the gym alone.

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What Is Weight Lifting? A Simple Explanation

What is weight lifting

So, what is weight lifting?

A simple question yet the answer might not be too obvious for beginners. Weight lifting may refer to one of three things.  Most commonly it refers to a physical activity where strength and muscle is developed through the utilization of the force of gravity. This force may come from free weights, such as dumbbells and barbells, or from machines. The muscle contracts against this force which results in the breaking down of muscle fibers. The muscle is then rested for a few days and supplied with proper nutrients from food. The processes is then repeated resulting in muscular hypertrophy (the increase in size of skeletal muscle). Different exercises and machines are used to target different muscles in the body. Muscles that are related based on function or proximity are typically grouped together and trained on specific days. This is referred to as split training and the most common is the 5 day split. One alternative is to target all the muscles during a single session, once or twice a week.

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How Weight Lifting Improves Self Esteem and Develops Discipline

How weight Lifting Improves Self Esteem and Develops Discipline.

I can vividly recall the first day I stepped into a gym. I was a 12 year old boy with big dreams of playing in the NFL.

I was excited but unsure what to do. So, I walk up to a trainer and say “hey, I just signed up and need some help. Could you show me the best exercises to develop my triceps” (I was convinced at the time that strong triceps would help me throw a football farther). He gave me a strange look then showed me the basic movements for tricep isolation. I started practicing and spent the next 6 hours maxing out on triceps push-downs… the iron bug bit me hard that day. I am 24 now and haven’t slowed down since. I joined the gym with the intention of getting stronger for football. Little did I perceive the impact it would have on life. Over the years, I have noticed many improvements that correlated nicely with how consistent I was in working out. And so I decided to write this short article to list just two of these benefits. Hope you enjoy and get motivated. 

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